Our Leaders

Pastor Ock Soo Park

Founder of Good News Mission

Pastor Ock Soo Park is the founder of the Good News Mission, an independent Baptist mission organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth.

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Pastor Yeong Kook Park


Pastor Yeong Kook Park is a graduate of the Korea Gospel Missionary College and has since amassed experience as both a pastor and missionary, serving in Korea and the United States since 2002. He brings a valuable amount of ministerial, world missions, and teaching experience to Mahanaim through training missionaries in Africa, and other countries around the globe, as well as lecturing on numerous topics in systematic theology.

Pastor Jin Hee Kim


Pastor Jin Hee Kim joined The Good News Missionary School in February of 1997 and was dispatched to Gangnam Church as a Minister (assistant pastor) where he stayed for only 3 months before he was sent to Jamaica in February of 1998.  He has been ministering in Jamaica as a full time missionary since that time and was ordained as a Pastor in 2006.  Precise and extensive personal counselling with individual church members and visitors, is one of the hallmarks of the Good News Mission and by extension the ministry of Pastor Kim.. Pastor Kim has a deep understanding of the flow of the hearts of the Jamaican people and this enabled the Good News Mission to host its inaugural Parenting Seminar in 2011 at the Knutsford Court Hotel. The event was endorsed by the Ministry of Education and after the event, there was a tremendous rush of invitations from guidance counsellors of over 100 schools across the island of Jamaica to replicate it locally.  He has trained over 30 counsellors within the IYF, the youth organisation within the Good News Mission, who are ready to guide youths who are bound up by various kinds of challenges.

Pastor Kevin Johnson


Pastor Kevin Johnson was born in 1971, and was the first of ten children. He received the forgiveness of sin in 1999 and received training in faith and respect for God at the Good News Mission Missionary school and was sent as a Minister to Montego Bay 2008. He returned to Kingston in 2017 and has been assisting the Senior Pastor since. Pastor Johnson is also a graduate of the Mahanaim Theology College Associate program. Pastor Johnson has been a full time volunteer with the International Youth Fellowship since  2003 and has guided many people in various settings as a mentor, counsellor and friend both locally and internationally.